Digital technology has changed the way we communicate, buy, sell, and transact business. With just a click, information is globally available through graphics, text, moving images and sound -- opening up a world of immediate access, response, and measurable results. In this Digital World, you need effective digital media solutions to connect your business to clients and prospects. Millions of people are connected via the web, TV, PDA's Mobile Phones and other digital devices every day worldwide.

Integrity Design Media understands how to harness those technologies and make them work for you to advertise your products and services employing design once - deploy multiple design concepts. We create and design media that can be replicated in print, web, pda, and flash technology driven devices... keeping you in touch at all times with your prospects.


Get a plan. Work the plan. Improve the plan. Elements of a successful business involve reaching attainable goals and setting in place tools that help you measure the results. Our strategy is developing media with one simple mind set. Listen to the customer and create solutions to meet their needs. Your goal and ours are one in the same.

  Marketing.. Strategy.. Follow Up.. Our Suite Of Services Include..
   Image Development    Niche Market Campaigns
   Web Design   Interactive Media
   Search Marketing Strategy (SMS)    Concept Development
   Social Networking Communities    Web 2.0 Development
  • Audio / Video Production
  Music Production
Music For Video
Audio Branding...and more


We understand that every business is unique. Everyday new challenges arise that push the boundaries of taking your business to the next level. Tunnel vision is often the crippling factor in many businesses. IDM's creative team can breathe new energy into your business by developing NEW VISION through effective multimedia for your company.

Our Phase Development Architecture (PDA) is a real world approach to creative idea development with your company. It facilitates effective design toward a marketing strategy of developing media in phases that coincide with advertising, web, and various marketing campaigns during a calendar year. This approach is both measurable and adjustable depending on outcomes and forecast. Clear. Concise. Comfortable. Simple but effective.

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