Our staff is comprised of people that care about your company. We work with single minded vision, working together, creating strong integrated media that can build and strengthen your brand, product, or service. We listen first, so we can understand your business and how it functions. Then we bring our collective creativity to the table on your behalf to offer solutions to problems and ideas for expanding your business.


The core of our development team consist of two people who understand what hard work and commitment is all about.

Keith Troup: Chief Technology Officer / CEO - Keith brings over 25 years of experience in marketing, production, and sales to the company. As the chief technology officer at IDM, he looks for cutting edge tools that keep our clients up-to-date with the latest technology has to offer in web, rich media, print, video, and audio.

Bill Carl: Chief Art Director - If it's visual, then Bill is your man. He is the core graphics developer at IDM. He also builds branding, and consistency into every project for our clients. Bill has a strong advertising background.

David Williams : Business Catalyst/SMS - David is a key part in the development team at IDM Studios. He is an entrepreneur with great insight on business startup, sequencing, and Search Marketing Strategy (SMS). David is a freelance consultant for our company.


IDM has been developing creative media since 1998. Our mission has been the same since we began, Integrity to Design, Develop, and Deliver effective media and communication tools that leave you with an experience. "People remember experiences, they forget just about everything else"


Customer relationship's are our number one priority. Effective communication is our only way to build lasting relationships that profit both our personal and professional lives. We want IDM to be a conduit, helping to improve peoples quality of life, job and family.

We're about cultivating strong business, but also about building quality relationships. Each relationship is an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. We hope that by touching our world, your world is better for it. We see a bright hope and a future full of possibility.. to shape the world we live in one relationship at a time.


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